Being open to receive

It is very important at this time to be focused and just allow yourself to be present at all times. That way we can provide you with the information you need to complete your very important mission here on earth at this very time. Remember to breathe and balance your energy evenly. This way, we will be able to send the messages you need to hear at any given time. We must surrender all control, and to just allow what is to take place, to flow with ease and grace. Once you are centered, this will take place effortlessly.  But you must clear all your thoughts and be open to allow the energy to flow. A good way to practice this technique of allowing, is to start in the meditative state. You can practice this by becoming quiet and just breathe. Try to release all your thoughts from day, and just focus on your breath.  Make this a daily routine, and the art of allowing and being present will become much easier for you.

And What I truly mean by being open to receive, is to always be present and to allow the information to flow through with ease and grace. To shut down your ego mind. Do not judge or try to analyze what is coming through, just receive without judgement.

It is just as easy as that. With much practice, you too will become skilled in that is with what you do and you will then be able to make it a daily practice. We are always here to assist with everything that in which it is you need help. Please feel free to call upon us. With much love.~

We need all of you to stay on track and to become more focused with everything that you do. In order to make this come about, We, (the Universe) need dedicated individuals to stay on their path of light. We will remind you and nudge to help keep you on track with everything that you do. Obstacles will become present, and we are aware of that. Just move through with ease and grace and we will guide you back to your purpose. So, no worries, my children. This is of great importance, as the big shift now is in place. You will begin to notice many changes that are occurring now on our beautiful planet. And we need all of you to stay focused and on track with everything you came here to do.  Your guides, guardians and angels will assist you with this process.

It is very important to stay focused and centered and balanced with all that you do. If not, you will become scattered and unable to be present. So, with this being said, practice the art of allowing yourself to just BE.

Each one of these tools will help you to become more focused, grounded, stable and centered. Once you practice these tools daily, they will become second nature for you and life will become easier for you to adjust in the new energies.

**Excerpt from my upcoming book.



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