Some of you know that I have a twin flame. His name is Alejandro and I have been communicating with him telepathically for over a year. We can feel and see in each others energy field. When I am sad, happy or frustrated, he feels it, and I feel him and his emotions as well. We are so are so connected. We have been together in other lifetimes and were romantically involved. As the feelings we share, are so very intense. It is pure bliss.

I have been informed by spirit, that our meeting will be taking place now. We are both clear and ready to go. Once this does take place, I will be posting a picture of us. As I know many of you are anticipating this meeting. Me too!!!! Lol

Last night, I taught my class, Intuitive Development~ Meet your spirit guides. He was attending the class, not in the physical, but attentively listening and following along as if he was there physically. I talked about the guides and their roles, told funny stories and shared things that have happened in my life, like I always do in each one of my classes. I then, proceeded to call in the guides in a meditation and introduce them to come forward, so you can have a conversation with them. Afterwards, we do message work with our guides.

Last night, while I was in the car leaving, Alejandro told me he followed the meditation and met one of his guides. He is so very excited!!! His guide “Jaoquin” is excited as well. And has thanked me several times, to have a personal connection with him finally. I am excited for the both of them, to have this connection, as I am with all of my students.

Everything that happens with this twin flame relationship, excites me so. I will be sharing more as time permits.

Blessings <3

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