Diamond Light Activation: What is it?

The Diamond Light Activation is a profound spiritual experience that taps into the highest vibrational frequencies to awaken dormant light codes within your DNA. These dormant light codes hold fragments of your soul’s journey across lifetimes, ready to be activated to aid you in your earthly mission. During this activation, the Diamond Light serves as a profound healing force, guided by your soul’s wisdom to target areas needing balance and restoration. This healing energy remains present within you for about a week facilitating a deep shift in consciousness and supporting your journey towards higher states of awareness.

The combination of crystal sound bowls, accompanied by Eluv’s angelic voice, enhances the vibrational resonance of the experience, intensifying its potency. Furthermore, the inclusion of whale songs serves to harmonize with the natural world, inviting the participation of the animal and plant kingdoms in the healing process, and fostering unity and interconnectedness. Through this holistic approach, the Diamond Light Activation offers a pathway to profound spiritual growth and transformation. As you open yourself to receive this divine energy, you align with the greater purpose of unity and evolution, both within yourself and in harmony with all creation.

What to Expect During Diamond Light Activation and Whale Sound?

As a clairvoyant channel, I undergo a full visual experience while transmitting the Diamond Light. It’s akin to peering into a room, not just observing its four walls but glimpsing into another dimension, much like viewing a hologram. Some of the beings that manifest to aid in the healing are larger than the room itself. Eluv initiates with the chime bells, accompanying her crystal bowl melodies. As I commence transmitting the light, the Elder Matriarch Humpback whale materializes, followed by five others. They swim before me, aligning in a straight formation, mouths agape to receive the diamond light. Guiding the light to each, I fill them up, prompting them to dive beneath the surface and breach out of the water—a gesture of gratitude. They then return to the third dimension, dispersing the light to other marine life, nurturing their well-being.

Next, manta rays glide towards each attendee, imparting healing. The elder Grandmothers appear, stationed at the crown chakra of every individual, conducting a healing ceremony with gestures and chants in their native tongue, fostering the healing light. Entranced, I watch this profound healing unfold as they remain with each person for a considerable duration. Subsequently, elephants and horses appear, swaying their trunks over everyone, symbolizing their integral role in humanity’s ascension process.

Dolphins of various species—bottlenose, white-sided, Risso, and spinner—approach, engaging in chakra-clearing work, evoking vibrant, spinning lights upon completion. They then encircle the room’s apex, forming a towering white cyclone or vortex. Sensing the burgeoning energy, I ascend to the vortex’s zenith, donning a flowing white tunic robe. Witnessing participants’ higher selves emerge and converge upon the vortex, I direct the light to envelop each in a pillar of Diamond light, a mesmerizing sight.

As they bask in the luminous pillar, I envision myself seated on an ornate throne, embodying the regal presence of the Queen of Egypt, bedecked in gold and white attire, adorned with lapis jewelry and flanked by majestic Bengal tigers. A stately black cat gazes forth, exuding royalty, while a procession of crocodiles and other creatures assembles before me amidst Eluv’s celestial melodies. Amidst this spectacle, attendees gradually return to their physical vessels, concluding their transcendental journey.

A colossal avatar tree materializes, its branches enveloping all present, as scarab beetles emerge, imparting blessings from the tree’s trunk. Golden flakes descend, blanketing each individual with love and blessings, as myriad beings of light converge, catalyzing the transformation towards higher consciousness and healing. Each event remains uniquely captivating, guiding me to share this light as frequently as possible.

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