I am of the realms of the highest and sit on the right hand of God/Goddess. I bring to you the light of all that is to assuage your souls and spirit and to assist you to be that which you are. I am the Lord of Discipline and the Lord most high. I bring to you the frequencies of the God essence that which you are. Lift yourselves beloveds and be one with the light.”

This master comes to teach you about your power on the Earth. He comes to show you that the power of God realization is already within you and that it is only through your acceptance and embrace of self that you come into your true power. For when you embrace all that you are then you meet the divine within and become aligned to the will of you Divine Presence. This gives you the power to be the master on the Earth.

He was the priest/king of Salem in the time of Abraham and it is said he lives as a priest continually in all realms.

In the Dead Sea Scrolls he is called Michael, and some allude to him as being one with Jesus and Archangel Michael. According to The Book of Enoch Mechizedek was the child of Noah’s brother, Nir and others say he was Noah’s son Shem. The Cosmic Priesthood or Order of Melchizedek is described in psalms and holds ancient esoteric teachings.

Call to Melchizedek when you need to feel empowered on the Earth and wish to manifest your highest potential.


The New Earth

Greetings my children, this is Melchizedek. I come forward to speak to you this auspicious day to explain to you about the New Earth that is birthing. I want to explain what exactly the “New Earth” is to be clear of what is coming about now upon your planet. We are preparing all of you now for these upcoming changes for which is taking place now.  You will be noticing many frequency changes in which is bringing everyone who has awakened up to a higher vibration.

The New Earth is all about living in a “Love frequency” back into Love consciousness. Like you did when you lived in Lemuria. Some of you are living in the third dimension, while others are already living in the 5th dimension which consists of only love. Many of you are still purging and releasing all the old beliefs and paradigms. Making way for the new YOU which consists of purely of love.

While this transition into the 5th dimension takes place, some souls that are in the living their reality in the 5th dimension will live in the underground cities that are being constructed presently. Many of your brothers and sisters from Lemuria are already living there.

When it is time for you to live underground, all the communication will be expressed telepathically. There will be no words spoken.

There will be many souls who will not conform to this new way of life. You will notice, or you may have already noticed, that there will be many who will decide to transition. This was decided before they incarnated into their physical body. We must honor and respect this. This is their choice.

My dearest children, we are in the preparing stage of this process of the “NEW Earth”. Many of the souls coming in now, (the children) are already awakened and prepared to live this way. Some of you will see this, others will experience this new way of life in your next lifetime.

We want to thank all of you for your service. We know that everything can be somewhat challenging, and we want you to know that we are here to assist you with all of this. More information will be shared very often. If you have any questions about anything or you feel stuck in any way, please as ask one of your teachers or mentors and I am sure they will assist you.

Blessings my dear children,


The Great White Brotherhood




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