The Black Madonna is a representation of Priestess Isis brought forward by the Roman Catholic Church. The Great Mother, Isis, had her origin in Egypt and Atlantis and other civilizations before that. For it is that the Great Mother has always been amongst us, though she is called by many names. She is black because she represents what lies hidden beyond the veils of the unawakened mortal mind.  She is black also because she has worn the skin of darkness in Africa, Mesopotamia and India, who origins go into the far distant past. She, with her brother/soul-mate, Osiris, and their son, Horus, had their beginning in Atlantis. They migrated to Egypt and began a powerful civilization. They amassed great spiritual powers and political influence. They initiated many souls into the great mysteries of awakened mind and eternal life. Their teachings flourished into my day.

Mother Mary  

Excerpts, from the book Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes, through Claire Heartsong

Below is a picture I took while in Limoux, Southern France of the “Black Madonna.” Notice the streams of blue energy around her that appeared in my picture. I could feel the powerful energy around her.

I have had a past life directly with Priestess Isis. As she has appeared to me recently on my trip to Sedona, AZ 11-11-11, 2018 and in other rituals.

More of the puzzle pieces are coming together…

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