Greetings my Dear Children,

We, come forward today to discuss with all of you what is currently taking place on your planet. There are many important factors that are in place now that need your special attention. One of them is being mindful of everything that is taking place around you. You must be mindful and always try to keep your heart lights open to share LOVE from you higher selves always. This LOVE and this LOVE vibration needs to be shared continuously to help heal everyone and everything that you come in contact with. Even people you pass on the street, those you see begging on the street corner, your president, and congress and all who trigger you. We know you do not agree. These particular souls are the ones who need it the most. We must not judge others that we feel we are not aligned with. Send them love. This love is what is going to heal your planet. We cannot stress this enough. We know that this has been mentioned many times before. But one must make this a daily practice. This is the only way.

Smile at others, pay nice compliments. One does not know what other souls are going through. You will be surprised; how special you will make someone feel. Yes, my dear children, this is all very important, and it must be done. Be the example and others will follow.

There are many of us non-human intelligent beings or star beings as you say, who are here now assisting your planet to become healed and brought back to her natural state. All of you came here at this time to create our New Earth. Everyone has a specific role. Follow your guidance from your guides and teachers to step fully into your power. And we, all of us here on this side will assist you on your path of love and light.

This is a very important time. Most of you are now being activated and downloaded new DNA light codes to help you to fully integrate into the new you. When you feel this taking place, please rest, stay hydrated and be kind to yourself and your bodies. This must take place at this time, as the energies have now been accelerated and will continue for the upcoming days. If you feel yourself feeling light headed or dizzy, remember to ground yourself. You may feel you must do this several times a day. If so, just allow it. Stay alert and rest your physical bodies as needed.

Another thing we would like to mention, is to keep yourselves spiritually protected. It is so very important to protect yourselves from other people’s thoughts and words. Your country and the media are keeping everyone fear based. We do not want to see you get caught up in it. Only watch minimal media and do not allow it to overcome you. Stay grounded, balanced, centered and see yourselves come from a place of love and none of you will be affected.

We are encouraging everyone to stay heart centered. And shine your light bright. 

Many heart felt blessings of light.

The Sirian Council of Light  

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