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Your Spirit Guide Artwork | St. Petersburg

Have you ever wondered what your guides, Guardians and Angels look like? Well, Kim is a Spirit Guide Artist and in each one of her sessions, she calls in your Guides, Guardians and Angels for an up close and personal session. She produces a lifelike portrait of them while they sit and pose for her to complete a rendering of them.

During these sessions, Kim sometimes has very interesting conversations with them in which she types out or records messages to provide to you when the rendering is complete. It is very exciting for each of these light beings to experience these sittings. They enjoy it so much, as Kim is told. “We become lifelong friends” and receives frequent visits from them.

Your Spirit Guide knows what you need even if you don’t. They are your best friends for life.

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Portraits are $222.00 and are 11×14 in size ($111.00 deposit and $111.00 upon completion)

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