Life is the hyphen between matter and spirit…

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Channeling Spirit Guides & Teachers | St. Petersburg

Spirit Channeling is an exquisite form of communion with the divine tapestry of non-human consciousness that weaves through our existence. It is a sacred dialogue with the unseen — a conversation with cherished loved ones who have transitioned, with wise Spirit Guides, vigilant Guardians, and the celestial embrace of Angels. Through the channeler, a conduit of the ethereal, these communications are tenderly brought forth and expressed, allowing a symphony of otherworldly wisdom and love to flow through into our realm. This practice is not just an exchange of words; it’s an intimate waltz with the transcendent, a harmonious interplay between our world and the profound mysteries that lie just beyond the veil.

Although there are many types of channeling, it usually refers to gaining a specific message from “Spirit” that helps the spiritual growth process to gain clarity in one’s life. The channeler tunes into the message received and translates it.

The more we trust and rely on Spirit the greater our capacity to create.” – Deiter Uchtdorf

Kim possesses the gentle gift of connecting with celestial beings, offering a bridge to the wisdom and messages that resonate deeply with the souls she guides. In moments of profound connection, you may witness a soft transformation in her — a subtle shift in her expression or a gentle modulation in her voice. This is the moment of magic, where Angels and beings of pure light speak through Kim, using her voice as a vessel to deliver their loving guidance directly to you. The nuances in her speech, the slight changes in tone, are whispers from your guides, guardians, and departed loved ones, reaching out to share what your heart needs to embrace.


Channeling is not just a practice but a harmonious journey toward aligning with our soul’s true calling on this earthly plane. It is our pathway to intimately acquaint ourselves with Spirit, to weave our existence with the divine. Imagine Spirit as an extension of our family, a nonphysical kinship as real and supportive as our bonds with those we hold dear in this life. This perspective allows us to delve into a more profound, supportive relationship with Spirit, feeling its presence in every step of our daily lives.


Spirit understands the grand tapestry of our purpose with a clarity that often eludes us, and it is eager to guide us towards opportunities that might otherwise remain hidden from our view. Kim’s nurturing presence is dedicated to helping you recognize and deepen this sacred connection, opening your life to the boundless possibilities that walking hand in hand with Spirit can bring. 

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