There is a voice within all of creation that doesn’t use words…

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Animal Intuitive in St. Petersburg, FL

Kim is an Intuitive and a communicator of animals. She has the ability to communicate and to be one with them. To listen and receive information of what is actually going on and to interpret what is taking place with them at any given time. To help and heal, to educate their guardians of what is taking place in their lives so that they can be healed. Kim has had situations in which she shape-shifts to be with that animal.
Then she gains trust and comfort with that animal to seek out the answers for any particular problem that is taking place at any time. Kim is compassionate in everything she does, especially while working with the animal kingdom. “We are their voice”.  We must educate and bring awareness to others to help save the animals and our planet. She has saved many dolphins and other various animals to escape their hunters – to be free and live in peace.

” Spiritual Souls recognize that all animals are spiritual beings ” – A. D. Williams

Kim shares a profound and heartfelt bond with the animal kingdom. Her presence is a source of tranquility for creatures great and small, who sense her kindred spirit and welcome her approach without fear. In her company, animals find a peaceful reprieve, instinctively trusting her as she tunes in to their silent language. With patience and empathy, Kim listens intently to their unspoken words, seeking to understand and alleviate the troubles they face.


As she interprets their needs and behaviors, Kim becomes their voice, articulating their messages with clarity and compassion. Her insights often reveal simple truths and solutions, reminding us of the importance of being fully present and attentive to our animal companions’ subtle forms of communication.


For anyone seeking to bridge the gap of understanding between their heart and the heartbeats of the animal world, Kim is a beacon of hope. She possesses the rare ability to discern and convey the answers that will bring harmony and resolution to your animal friends’ concerns. 



Trust in Kim to be the gentle intermediary who will not only hear but also heal, nurturing the bond between you and your beloved animal with the utmost tenderness.


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