Medical Intuitive Body Scan & Psychic Surgery with Kim

Embark on a transformative journey to wellness with Kim’s Medical Intuitive Body Scan and Psychic Surgery Healing. In a serene light trance state, connect with highly evolved light beings, including former earthly doctors, surgeons, and celestial entities like star beings and Archangel Raphael. They channel their profound healing energies through Kim, providing unparalleled insight and healing to every part of your being.

As Kim meticulously scans your body, these celestial entities communicate the intricacies of your physical state, pinpointing areas in need of attention in your organs, blood, nerves, bones, and more. Kim, serving as a divine conduit, allows these beings to perform psychic surgery, addressing mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional imbalances. This pain-free process ensures a comprehensive healing experience, leaving you rejuvenated and aligned.

During the session, Kim remains fully engaged, sharing insights and observations, ensuring you are informed and comfortable throughout the process. Post-healing, she diligently clears your energy field, removing draining cords and empowering you to move forward with renewed purpose and vitality.

This unique healing service extends to anything with consciousness, especially your furry friends, with specialized sessions available for both small and large animals, ensuring that every member of your family can experience the profound benefits of Kim's Medical Intuitive Body Scan and Psychic Surgery Healing.