Activation/Initiation with Jesus & Mary Magdalen

Experience heightened psychic abilities, clear life purpose guidance, and a profound sense of empowerment as Yeshua and Mary Magdalen work to unblock, activate, and align your entire being.

Guided by Kim’s insightful communication, embark on a pain-free journey to higher consciousness, leaving you rejuvenated, clear-headed, and ready to embrace your life’s calling with open arms.

Embark on a transformative spiritual journey with my unique "Activation/Initiation with Jesus and Mary Magdalen" service, meticulously designed to elevate your consciousness and unlock your full potential. This sacred experience replicates the profound activations and initiations performed by Yeshua and Mary Magdalen over 2000 years ago, bringing timeless wisdom and divine energy to the present day.

As you immerse yourself in this celestial encounter, Yeshua and Mary Magdalen work in unison to dissolve any blockages, enhancing your innate abilities and providing crystal-clear clarity on your life’s purpose. Your psychic senses will be heightened, and your decision-making skills sharpened, as you gain access to ancient wisdom and expanded psychic abilities.

Yeshua commences the activation by opening your crown chakra, infusing your being with golden light, and initiating a deep cleansing of your pineal gland. This process not only unblocks your clairs but also ensures you can clearly receive and comprehend messages from your spiritual guides. Mary Magdalen, in tandem, meticulously balances, activates, and aligns your chakras, while also clearing any lingering past life karma, ensuring a smooth transition into your life’s true calling.

Throughout this sacred process, Kim serves as your guide and communicator, verbally sharing insights and updates on the progress of the activation and initiation. Each individual’s experience is unique—some may feel immediate shifts, while others may have vivid visions or see an array of colors. Regardless of how the energy manifests, the experience is pain-free and tailored to your personal journey.

Post-activation, Kim ensures your energy and auric field are thoroughly cleansed, leaving you in a state of divine harmony. Clients who have undergone this profound experience report a significant acceleration in their abilities and find themselves confidently stepping into their power, ready to fulfill their life’s purpose.