I was intuitively called to go to Southern France on the “Scared Site Journey” with “The Divine Feminine Tour” with Patricia McGivern 2018, I had no idea what would come of this. Yes, I had always had a curiosity about Mary Magdalen and her life with Yeshua, but not from a religious standpoint as I was not raised in a Christian household. I felt within me this strong urge to learn more about her and her life. So, I did my research and began to make plans to go. I had a friend who wanted to accompany me on the trip. I was waiting for them to register and pay for the trip as we were going to do this together. I woke up one morning and my spirit guides were adamant for me to call Patti and register and to NOT wait for this other person. I got on the phone and told Patti I was ready to pay and register. She told me, Kim, I just a few minutes before you called, I filled the last two spots for the tour. My jaw dropped open as I knew I was supposed to be on this trip. I pleaded with her and asked if she could put me in. She said she could not. She did say that she could put my name on a waiting list and if someone should cancel then I would be able to go. I hung up the phone and sat in silence thinking, how this could be? I am supposed to be on this trip. My guides came forward and said, because I procrastinated so long waiting for this other person, that the spot was filled. They were not happy with me. They said, do not worry, we will take care of this. I said, ok, I will not worry. I stayed busy and concentrated on my work. I put the idea in the back of my mind and trusted what they shared with me. Lo and behold in two weeks Patti called me and told me that the two women who just scheduled, canceled and that I could go. I was ecstatic, to say the least.  I gave Patti my deposit and made plans to attend. I was destined to be on this trip as it all was divinely orchestrated.  

*My lesson with all of this was that when I am called to do something to not procrastinate and act on it accordingly.  

I felt very comfortable making these plans and going with a group. I am a single woman and love the idea of traveling with a group as you can have time for yourself and also have companionship with others. All the arrangements are made, making everything simplified when traveling. I met some incredible people and loved every moment of it.  

While I was on the trip, I had many miraculous events take place. We stayed at a beautiful hotel in Paris, the Hotel Henri IV and it was right across from a very old and ancient church named St. Severin’s.  It was in this church that while I was walking around in the church and in one of the rooms, I was in I saw Yeshua as clear as day with my physical eyes. I stood there in shock and was like OMG! Wow! This was the second day we were there.  

Everywhere we went I had miracles. Mary came through my physical body on many occasions to relive her life through me. A very strong presence as I felt her every emotion. We sobbed while reliving the “Stations of the Cross” in St Sulpice in Paris. It took me a while to calm down and feel like myself again. 

I had a profound experience when we went to Montsegur, the last stronghold for the Cathars on March 16, 1244. I wrote another blog post sharing this miraculous experience where I assisted 200 Cathars to cross over to the light. Hence one of the main reasons I was called to be on this trip. Here is the link to that blog: Château de Montségur~ A Miraculous healing occured while I was there. – In Divine Time   

Mary and Yeshua accompanied me while walking the labyrinth in Chartres. We walked with Yeshua on my right side holding my hand and Mary M on my left side holding my hand, as they shared upcoming events and prayer with me. I was in a trance-like state. When I got to the center Archangel Gabriel greeted me and gave me his wings.  An Archangel will give you their wings when you complete an assignment that they guided you to do as a reward.  It was such an honor to receive them.   

Often when we were listening to a tour guide, Mary would correct them and whisper in my ear her truth that did not match what the tour guide was sharing.  I found this to be quite interesting and took notes of everything she shared with me. There were even some tour guides who were hesitant to share the truth as I felt it in their energy while speaking. They knew differently than what they were sharing. Some of it was factual, but not all.  

Mary, Yeshua, and my guides had me take pictures of many different things. They said to take as many pictures as possible. I did not question I just snapped away. What they were actually instructing me to do was take pictures of clues and evidence of their truth which I did.  This is information that is not recorded in history as it was purposely left out. It is all there but with intuitive eyes and a sharp sense of what is, it can be seen.  

When I returned from the second trip, it was then that Mary M asked me to write her true-life story. She said, Kim, it will be easy as I will instruct you through the entire process. We did the book(s) together. The writing was easy as I wrote down her every word as she spoke through me through automatic writing. She chose the formatting, the style, and even the cover. It is a channeled book series, with her teachings assisting you on your journey of enlightenment along with sharing her truth in her own words. All infiltrated with her light codes.  

It was when we went to Rennes le Chateau that I had the most profound experience. We went on a tour of the grounds where the Church of St Mary Magdalen was, I felt Mary and Yeshua’s presence so strongly. The story states that in 1885, Rennes le Chateau saw the arrival of its new priest: Father Berenger Sauniere. Within the space of a few years, he will change forever the destiny of the small village in the Aude. Sauniere’s renovations and above all his high-profile building projects rapidly raise the question as to the origins of his funds. The rumor spreads that he has discovered some sort of treasure. (Berenger Sauniere Museum) 

While doing his renovations, he found a parchment under a pillar. This is the parchment that Sauniere traveled to St. Sulpice Church to share with the other priests in Paris. According to the parchment the documents found by Berenger Sauniere at Rennes le Chateau contained “incontrovertible proof” that Jesus was alive in 45 AD. Hence the hush money he received from St. Sulpice to rebuild St. Mary Magdalen’s Church and dedicate the property on her behalf.  

Now, I know what you are thinking. You ask? How do you know this? What is your proof? 

The documents that were found in the pillar are located in the hidden archives in the Vatican. This information will all come forward very soon as the Vatican will be sighted for many crimes against humanity, and ALL will be revealed.  

A priest by the name of Canon Alfred Lilly 1869-1848, knew of this also. While on his deathbed, he stated he knew of the secret. There was a painting in St. Sulpice of him covering his mouth. It has since been removed. This was on one of the History Channels. Put the pieces together. Everything written in history has been contorted in some way to hide this truth.   

*I had a vision and a memory after writing my book (s) 

After the crucifixion, I saw Yeshua being removed from the tomb barely alive but breathing. Mary M, Elizabeth (MM’s best friend) and Mother Mary spoke to one of the Roman guards and got permission to take him out of the tomb and they placed him on a horse-drawn cart. (there is a picture in Mary’s Church in RLC of the Roman guards carrying him to the cart. In the picture you can see the moon going down in the early morning hours) Joseph Arimathea planned to have a boat ready to leave in the early morning with the entire Magdalen family of Essenes. After the horse and cart arrived, they placed Yeshua on the cart and transported him to the boat that was waiting by the docks. This was in the early morning hours before the sun rose for the day.

They placed him very carefully onto the boat and had him under a blanket to keep him warm and block him from the sunlight. Once the journey began after leaving Palestine, I saw myself on the boat with the others. It was a small boat. Mary M was very pregnant as she was tending to Yeshua, and we all took turns tending to him to make sure he was comfortable and applied essential oils to him to accelerate the healing. The days and nights were long while we were on the boat. We sang songs, meditated, and told stories. We all supported one another. When we saw the land, we all prayed and paddled the boat with our arms. The boat landed on the shore of Southern France in Saintes Maries De La Mer.  

On another note, as there are many stories about Yeshua going to India after the crucifixion. Yeshua went to India prior to the crucifixion not after as he was with Mary, his wife, and the rest of the Magdalen’s. It took him 2 plus years to heal after the ordeal.  It was Mary who took the lead in France to continue the mission. Yeshua did speak on occasion, but he mostly stayed in caves and meditated for days. It was the only place he felt safe. It was his disciple Thomas who went to India following the crucifixion. During those times all the men had long hair and beards and could have been easily mistaken as Yeshua.  

There are other books that share this truth. “The Untold TRUE Story of Mary Magdalen in her own Words”, by Kim Cintio. “Divine Union: The Love Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene,” by Lea Chapin. “The True Story of Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalena” by David Young and others that are not mentioned here.  

Are you willing to put all of your beliefs aside to hear Yeshua and Mary’s truth with an open heart?  

The truth is hard to hear and digest after believing a false narrative all these years and we understand. Yeshua & Mary M.  

Yeshua aka Jesus and Mary want their truth to be heard now. For the love of Yeshua and Mary, please help them by sharing this if you feel called to.  

I did travel to other places the Magdalens were on their journey, and this includes Avalon, UK, and Scotland. Each place I went more information was revealed. I do plan on returning to learn more.  

We are living in very tumultuous times and now the TRUTH will be revealed in ALL ways. 

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