Greetings, my children it is I, Mother Mary, I want to share with you of the many events that are taking place here on your planet that are of great importance.
The erupting volcanos are bringing forth the creation of your new earth. Now, we know and are aware that there have been many lives lost and some of you are concerned of all the destruction that is taking place. I want you to know my dear children, that this is the way it is supposed to be. There will be many lives lost. These souls chose to leave the earth plane at this time. We must send LOVE to mother earth and to the areas of devastation in order for new growth to take place and prosper.
You are the light, my dear children, the way showers. You are here to be the example and show people back to the light when situations of this nature occur. Stay strong and balanced. We are here to guide you and we are available if you need guidance and direction.
There will be many more shifts and changes occurring now. More storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters as you say. A cleansing of the earth. We know you think this is unfortunate, but this must occur in order to bring in the new way, the new earth. More and more people are waking up now and this is what must occur to bring humanity back together as one.
If you find yourselves becoming scattered and unbalanced. Remember to hydrate and stay grounded at all times. This is so very important.
I want to thank Kim for being an open channel to bring this message forward for all humanity to hear.
Many blessings,
Mother Mary 
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