Lord Sanat Kumara is an “Advanced Being” at the Ninth level initiation who is regarded as the ‘Lord’ or ‘Regent’ of Earth and of the humanity and is thought to be the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who dwells in Shamballah (also known as ‘The City of Enoch’).

Shamballah is said by the adherents to the Ascended Master Teachings, to be a floating city manifested on the etheric plane somewhere above the Gobi Desert in the borderlands of Mongolia.

The Great White Brotherhood is a spiritual ‘fraternity’ of Ascended Beings, including Lord Sanat Kumara, long since dedicated to the eventual Salvation of Mankind and the establishment of Divine Law again in this Three-dimensional reality.

My dear children of the light, We are now entering times of momentous change. We the Universe are asking all of you to pay close attention to everything that is happening around you. Please be discerning of all that is coming about. Your media is fear based, so please be mindful of all of that. Try not to take it in. They are trying to distract you from what really needs to take place. Please keep your hearts open to share a part of yourself and share your love and not to get distracted from your mission here on earth. Yes, there are a lot of distractions and that is there plan to keep everyone in a state of “fear.”

Please keep yourselves clear from all lower forms of energy. And what I mean by that is, no sedating your body, like alcohol or any other artificial stimulants. Stay present at all times, and follow our leads and nudges. LOVE is what it takes to heal your planet. There are many beings of light, standing by waiting to assist you on your journey. Please do not hesitate to ask. We will be more than happy to assist each and every one of you. But you must ask, because of free will.

Please my children, this is not a competition. One person is not better than the other. Some are just awakening, and many others have been on there path for a longer period of time. We must help each other and be the way showers for the newly awakened individuals who are just beginning on their path of light. Just remember who you are, and what is your purpose, breathe and put everything back into perspective. We must all work together. We are all one with Source on this path of LOVE. You all chose to be here now to do this work.

There is a lot of clearing taking place for each of you. You are now releasing and clearing what now longer serves you. Making room for the new frequencies and the new YOU. Your vibrations will be higher to withstand all that is coming into play at this time. It is so very important to eat higher vibrating foods, like green leafy vegetables and to stay away from foods that are processed, and have toxic chemicals, like GMO’s and other toxic additives. No animal flesh or dairy. We urge you to pay close attention to everything you put into your body. Those who do not conform will have consequences to pay. So please, my beloveds be mindful of this.
Please use good judgment and be discerning with everything that you do. Be open and present and follow your own intuition. We will be standing by ready to assist you as needed.

Blessing to all,
Sanat Kumara

Channeled by: Kim Cintio


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