Greetings beloved ones,
I am AA Michael ~
I come forward to speak to you today to discuss what is taking place at this very moment. The energies have become much stronger now, and we are fully aware that what is taking place. Some of you, have been listening very attentively to your guidance, while others are not doing so. I want to remind you how significant it is for you to move forward with what it is we are guiding you to do. It so IMPORTANT for all of you to pay close attention to your nudges and the strong feelings you are receiving to move forward on your mission and or purpose. Everything now is at an accelerated rate, and it is so very important for you to stay on your path. If not, you will be continuously reminded.
We understand that obstacles occur, and if you move through them with ease and grace, you will be able to move forward, and it will not affect you. Once this does happen, you can just give it to us the Universe, and we will clear it. Clearing and forgiveness must take place in order for you to evolve. And it is of great importance for all of this to transpire to move forward.
Blessings to all. <3
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