Kim Cintio is a Multi-Dimensional Energy practitioner and a Divine Channel, who channels Archangel Raphael and highly evolved Ascended Masters of Light from different dimensions and galaxies through her heart chakra and connects with souls through their heart while the healing and light is received.

Kim does many types of healing modalities: Medical Intuitive healing with psychic surgery, Activations/Initiations with Yeshua aka Jesus & Mary Magdalen, and etheric energy field clearings of your body, home, or business. Removal of dark energy, entities from homes and businesses. This also includes the healing of the animal and plant kingdom.

Continue reading for more details on each healing modality:

Medical Intuitive Scan with Psychic Surgery while in a trance state

There are many highly evolved light beings, many of whom were doctors and surgeons in their lifetime here on earth and are now in full service to humanity on the other side, along with star beings and Archangel Raphael who channel through Kim and assist with the healing.  While they are scanning the body, they share with Kim what is going on with a particular body part, organ, blood, nerves, bones, inflammation, and so forth. As a medical intuitive, Kim shares and observes what is taking place in your body. Kim serves as the vessel for them as they perform psychic surgery to heal each individual mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. There is no pain involved. While this is taking place, Kim observes and shares the information she receives while the psychic surgery is being performed. After the healing has been completed, Kim clears your energy field of all cords that appear when other people are demanding your energy. When this happens, you feel drained and tired and it keeps you from moving forward with your purpose. Some people are healed instantaneously, while others require additional sessions.   

Animal healings  

Kim uses the same process as previously described on small animals such as cats, dogs, birds, and other critters, as well as, on large animals such as: horses, ponies, large dogs, large cats, wolves, and so on.

Activation/Initiation with Yeshua aka Jesus and Mary Magdalen

These are the same activations and initiations Yeshua aka Jesus and Mary M. performed 2000 years ago. These Initiations and Activations will bring you to a higher state of consciousness. It will unblock you in any area you feel you may be blocked. It will also activate and enhance all of your abilities and help you to have more clarity and a strong awareness of your life purpose. All your psyches will be heightened and enhanced. You will have more clarity and it will help you to make better decisions in your life. While this is taking place, Yeshua aka Jesus stands behind you and opens up your crown chakra and he fills your head with golden light and begins with the activation. Cleansing and clearing your pineal gland, to help your re-remember ancient wisdom and expansion of your psychic abilities. He also unblocks and clears all of your clairs.

Starting with your pineal gland, your clairaudience, to help you clearly hear the messages you are receiving from your guides, and your channels will be opened.  This is very helpful as it helps you to understand and remember who you are, so you can step fully into your power, without hesitation. While Yeshua aka Jesus is activating you, Mary M. begins to clear, balance, activate, and align your chakras. She shares with Kim what is taking place and then Kim shares the information with you. They work together, with Kim sharing verbally with you what is taking place as it happens. Some people can feel it and there, is no pain involved. Others have visions and see colors. Each person is different. After Mary M. and Yeshua aka Jesus finish, Kim cleanses your energy and auric field. Kim has performed several of these activations/initiations and afterward witnessed that her clients become highly accelerated with their abilities and able to easily move forward on their purpose. Many people also have a strong sense of clarity to assist them with making educated decisions in their lives.

Clearing of dark energy on the human body

Removal of dark attachments of any type. If you feel you may have been hexed or have a spell of any type placed on you. I can remove it. If you have a lot of chaos in your life and no matter what you do it is not getting better you may have been affected. Or having a lot of dark and negative emotions, fears, and thoughts; creating unnecessary chaos and pain. Feeling like your life is being controlled by something outside of yourself. You may have an entity attachment. I  will cleanse and clear your energy and auric field. Repair any tears or holes you may have in your energy field. I then counsel you on how to keep yourself clear, so you will not be vulnerable, and to prevent this from happening again. You may need to have your house cleansed as well for an additional cost. 

Clearings and Cord-cutting 

Kim can clear your energy and auric field and remove any and all energetic cords that are attached to you. Energic cords appear when other people are demanding your energy. When this happens, you feel drained and tired, depressed and it keeps you from moving forward with your purpose. Once they are removed, you will feel clearer and lighter. Kim will counsel you on how to keep yourself clear, so this does not happen again in the future.

Spiritual House and Business Cleansings  

A simple house cleansing consists of removing old stagnant energy and negative energy from a space. Once the property is clear, Kim energetically and spiritually seals the property. Your house or business will feel lighter and brighter.

Removal of dark entities, negative energy, and earthbound spirits. Once the property is clear, Kim energetically and spiritually seals the property. Then, Kim will advise you on ways to keep negative energy from returning.

**All of this healing work can be done in person or remotely.

Kim’s energy healings are a life-changing experience, bringing you energy, light, and information to allow for the healing of body, mind, and spirit. Healing sessions are an opportunity for you to experience your divine nature in a way that stimulates and supports healing through frequencies now appearing in our world. These highly palpable energies and light are initiated at the beginning of your session and continue working with you long after your visit has ended.

Energy Healing has aided in healing health challenges such as cancers, AIDS-related diseases, fibromyalgia, trauma, depression, addictions, migraine headaches, and many others. Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing has also helped to alleviate pain and promote healing in chronic conditions and post-surgery.

Through your participation in these sessions, you will be forever changed, operating at and attuned to a higher frequency than ever before. In many sessions with Kim, the angels, and light beings come forward to provide messages for you. The healing is guided by the Universe as she acts as a facilitator or conduit of the frequencies.

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