During my trip to Southern France, Languedoc region May 2019. We visited St. Salvayre, a small church in a very old remote area. It has been said that there is a vortex underneath the altar and that there is a pillar inside that dates back to Roman times. You can feel this powerful energy while standing at the alter.

On top of the altar is a ceramic face of Mary Magdalen with Lillie’s. While filming a video of it, I captured an orb dancing around, which later I found out it is Mary Magdalen. She wanted to make her presence known.🌹

Mary M is always with me as we share the same sacred heart. 💖

I have had many personal experiences with her as I will be sharing more about herself, her role, her relationship with Yeshua aka Jesus and her life at that time. Mary has not incarnated since that lifetime. Many of us carry her Divine Essence within us. Reminding us that we are the Divine Feminine and we must stand in our truth and power.

✨Now is the time my dear children, now is the time✨

Video if Mary St Salvarye

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