During my recent trip to France, I had an amazing experience while in the Cathedral Saint-Marie-Majeure de Marseille. We arrived on Sunday 4.28.19. This Cathedral was on the top of the mountain. When we arrived, it was extremely windy and cold. As I got out of the car, I had to hold the hood of my jacket on my head to keep warm. There were a few of us and we proceeded to enter this beautiful church. Upon entering, it was very crowded as it was Sunday and mass was taking place. We entered the chapel, there was not any room to walk as it was a standing room only. So, we decided to stand in the back. Being a tall woman, to my advantage I was able to take many pictures and videos very easily while listening to the beautiful chanting.

After taking the video, I stood there feeling a strong appreciation and love for what was taking place at the present moment. It was at that time I felt a very strong presence enter my body. I was filled with extreme emotion and had tears of love and joy running down my face. I felt such intense emotion at that time, my body was energized and quivering. And it was at that time, I said, I am so happy to be here once again. I immediately felt Mary Magdalen and she said it was at that time, this was a safe haven for her.

Mary Magdalen symbol inside church

After the crucifixion, the family of Magdalen’s traveled by boat and landed on Marie Saint de la Mer beach and at that time it was called Gaul which is now Southern France. It was during that time, that the family was always on the run. They did not stay in any particular place for any period of time. Mary found herself harassed and ridiculed for her beliefs and practices. It was a life of running and hiding. She knew she must continue to speak the word and teach others how to do the same. So, when she arrived on the mountaintop where the church currently stands, there were people present, who welcomed and comforted her as she experienced so much chaos at that time. This was her safe haven. This church was built in her honor as her essence presently resides here.

Inside church with boats displayed of the Magdalen’s journey to Southern France.

I feel such a strong appreciation with gratitude and am filled with so much love to be chosen to experience what Mary M. was feeling and to learn more about her during her lifetime with Yeshua and the family. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to travel and experience what took place all those years ago, to be Mary’s voice, and to share my experiences with others, as I know this is all divinely orchestrated.

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