Hello, my dear children, It, is I, Mary Magdalen. A lot is taking place at this time and I would like to bring it forward for your attention. The energies now on the earth plane have intensified. I want to remind you that this must take place in order for everyone to awaken to their spiritual purpose here on the Earth plane. If you feel like all of this is too overwhelming, just find more time for yourselves and become quieter.

Meditation helps to quiet the mind and to help you all deal with the craziness and the chaos taking place. It is very important to be present with all you do. Allow energy to move through without resistance. You will find if you follow this practice everything will flow through with ease and grace, making everything much easier for you to handle daily tasks in your lives. When you have that overwhelming feeling, it is much easier to practice this method, so you will not become scattered and find it difficult to make decisions.

Another method you may want to try is grounding yourself daily. This will help you to stay focused and balanced. Making it much easier for you to stay in alignment with all that you do.

I will share a very popular tool to ground yourselves. Stand in the middle of the floor and imagine you have tree roots coming out of the bottom of your feet. See or feel them growing deep into the earth’s place, then feel or see white light coming from the earth through the bottom of your feet, through your body, and up to the heavens. You are now grounded. You can also hug a tree and do the same thing. It is just as if or not more effective.

It is of great importance to follow the guidance and nudges you are receiving from your spiritual team. We have your best interest at heart. We will never steer you in the wrong direction. If we feel you are resisting, we will keep bringing you the information in different ways and in different scenarios. Do not be alarmed if an obstacle shows up. Just handle it with love and grace and we will bring forward what is needed to guide you in the right direction. We do respect that you have free will and do realize you have choices. We will then bring forward new situations to help you get back into alignment and back to your purpose.

Blessings my dear children.

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