Mary Magdalen has been my spirit guide since birth. She was my Dr. of Chemistry guide which is my healer guide. When I was having my awakening experience and learned she was my spirit guide, I was in disbelief. I had no idea what would be coming from all of this. As I evolved in consciousness and continued my connection and study, I learned more about my mission here. I have been guided and have traveled the world to walk in Mary’s footsteps and have had miraculous experiences along the way. I have learned so much about her through her eyes & her life with Yeshua.

I now have another Dr. of Chemistry guide named Joshua as Mary has taken another position in my life. Mary and I share the same sacred heart, and what I mean by that is, Mary and I share the same physical body. Two souls in one body as she is always with me. Not incarnated but sharing my body. We have a personal relationship as she often shares information with me. She channels through me indirectly while I am having conversation with others. Many have said, they see her face in mine. I am always caught by surprise when this happens.

Yes, she still assists other souls on their path of love and light. I asked Mary, how does that come about?  As I was very curious and to get an understanding of how that works on the other side. She said, if you picture myself as one soul energy, as we are all energy. Then imagine and see several different cyclones of energy spinning off the main one. These separate cyclones spin off to assist other souls simultaneously. Oh ok, I can see that as I now can comprehend how this all takes place. She said, they all do it. (All meaning all the Ascended Master teachers).

I have had numerous experiences with Mary, Yeshua and many other highly evolved BEings of light. I will be sharing more.

A personal conversation with Mary Magdalen.

Mary speaks about her role on the other planes.

Since the time I crossed over to the other side, I have discovered so much more about myself and how things really are. I realized that while I lived on the earth plane that everything is just a mere illusion. My sense of sight and feeling has heightened to a degree. I can see things at a much broader perspective now. My role here on the higher planes is to assist other souls to reach new levels of consciousness. To assist them to remember who they are and to help them see things from a higher perspective. Many souls I assist have had some type of connection with me in the past in a previous lifetime.

You see, my children of the light, it is all written in your soul contract and we here on this side must abide with what is written. And this stands true for all of your spirit guides, guardians, Archangels, Ascended Masters and teachers. You chose this before you incarnate on the earth plane. Every single one of you came here at this time with a very important mission, I (We) your Guides are here to make sure everything goes according to the Divine plan. This is why many of you have felt my presence around you in different ways.

Some of you feel that you and I are one. Yes, in so many words we are. But not exactly as how you are interpreting it. Yes, my essence is carried in your DNA, but not my soul self. I have NOT incarnated since my lifetime with Yeshua. We are living in such a monumental time in the history of the Universe in which many of you came forward to be a part of. Many of you have chosen to become part of the rising of the Divine Feminine, I am here to assist you to step fully into that role. The role of the Divine Feminine counterpart of the Christ Consciousness. Yeshua is assisting those of the Divine Masculine counterpart. To all come together as one who practices Christ consciousness or unconditional love in all that you do. No judgement, no fear, only love. Yeshua like myself, and the other Masters of light help and assist others to bring forth many lessons that need to be addressed. We help you to see things from a higher and a different perspective. Then once you understand what it is you are receiving; you can be that lighthouse for another soul who crosses your path. With an open heart, patience and love we can all become who we are and who we came here to be.

Much love and blessings my beloveds,


More conversations with Mary M. coming soon. TBA

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Artist: IH Wolfe

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