Greetings my children, It, is I, Priestess Isis.

We have come on some very important times now. It is of great importance for all of you to pay attention to all that is being revealed to you at this time. Much of the information you are receiving now pertains to your life’s purpose or mission, for which you all signed up for prior to incarnating into your physical BEing. It is of great importance for you to follow all your guidance, nudges and so on to make this happen. Some of you have been quite mindful of all that is taking place and are moving forward on your path of love and light. Others are procrastinating and are not taking all of this very seriously. I will tell you that this is all very serious and want to remind you that you signed up for this assignment. If you are unsure about anything, just ask those who you feel comfortable asking for anything that you do not understand. I am sure that they will assist you.

Most of the old paradigms are being removed now. A new way of thought and love consciousness is being brought forward to change all of humanity to align with the frequencies of the NEW Earth. This is why it is so very important for you to follow all of your guidance, purge of the old you, to bring in the new you. Allow all of this to come up and release it. To step fully into the bright soul, you came here to be. Everyone has a different role. Each soul has a different purpose and we must respect and support each other. There are some who are more evolved then others, however one is not better than the other. Please be mindful of this, as we all need to work together for all of these changes to occur smoothly. For the ones not willing to change or follow their guidance, just know you will have choices.  

You will notice more and more souls transitioning. They have chosen to do their work assisting on the other side. Many have already moved into that position. I am not trying to frighten anyone, I am just simply sharing information.

So, my dear children, we are all very excited for the coming of the next phase. You will notice that the energies now are much stronger, and the frequencies are higher. Do not be alarmed, as this is how it is supposed to be. You are all being prepared for this, and like I mentioned before, to be aware of all your guidance and nudges. If you do not understand, just ask another who is more evolved in their spiritual practices.

Many blessings my dear children,

Priestess Isis

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