During my trip to Southern France, 4/17/19-4/28/18, I visited several sacred sites including, Château de Montségur on Monday 4/23/18. Montsegur Castle or “Cathars Castle” is where the Cathars lived for 10 months before they were forced out by the Roman Catholic church, by fire around the mountain. The Catholic church demanded they change their beliefs. They chose not to. Most died, due to smoke inhalation before entering the fire. Others by the fire. The last stronghold for the Cathars. The castle ruins are on the top of the mountain called “Montsegur”.

The Cathars were known as “the pure ones” They believed men and women were considered equals. They believed in education and their children were taught to read. They were vegetarians. They believed in reincarnation. They believed their version of Christianity was that of the ancient teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalen. It was how they lived their lives, not a doctrine to be followed. and they believed in the Divine Union of Jesus aka Yeshua and Mary Magdalen (as many did in the dark Middle Ages). They called their faith the “church of Love” It emphasized a direct experience with the Divine, and thus put them in opposition with the catholic Church. The greatest amount of Cathars lived near Rennes-le-Chateau.

When we arrived, I looked up at the Cathar Castle on top of Montsegur as I was drawn to climb to the top of the mountain. Several others went ahead to start climbing it. I took my time, as I was feeling the land upon approaching the climb. As I began, I felt sorrow, pain and fear. I got about a quarter way up when I began to sob. I first thought, I was sobbing due to the fact that I was a Cathar and was a Cathar Priest in that lifetime. I could not go any further. I came down form the mountain and stood by the monument of the place where the fires were and a memorial of what took place there. I sat down and meditated there and did a verbal channeling. I then, got up and walked down a bit, turned around and decided to send healing colbalt blue light through my heart, around the mountain top where the castle ruins were. I then, sent more light to surround the mountain 3 dimensionally from top to bottom. As I was sending, I noticed there were many spirits coming forward, as they were trapped there and were fearful to cross over. They came out of the castle ruins, and out of the woods. There were hundreds of them. I then, astral projected myself to them and explained to them that they must cross over to the light. I re-assured them, that the light was a place of LOVE and by example walked through the veil. One by one by one they followed me through, then the rest followed. Women, children, the elderly and others crossed over to their freedom. Even a dog.  I felt a great sense of peace and knowing that they are all free now. They were stuck there for hundreds of years. I feel that this was meant to be and that I was sent here to assist them to cross over for their freedom. The sorrow and fear I was feeling while hiking up the mountain was theirs.

While I was leaving, still in awe, of what just took place, many of them approached me and thanked me for freeing them. Even when I was in the car leaving the mountain, they were still coming to me thanking me.

That night, we returned to the castle in which we were staying in, which was magical, I must add. I decided to take pictures of the room, like I always do, when I go on a trip. I took a picture outside of the window to capture the running stream behind the castle, as you can hear the water running from the stream and feeling the breeze come through the window at night. There was no glass or screens in the window. The next morning, I was looking at my pictures and noticed hundreds of “orbs” in the pictures. I immediately felt, that these were the Cathars that I freed. Free to come and go, back and forth from the veil, they came to repay and thank me for what occurred that day. Some of them are still here with me. Most of them will continue to spread love amongst the living here on the earth plane.

I feel so much love in my heart to be a part of this special mission. And for this, I am forever grateful to be here at this very important time of change and for the birthing of our New Earth.


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