Greetings my dear children, It, is I, Yeshua. I first would like to share with each and everyone of you to please be kinder to yourselves and others. This is not a race here of who is stronger or better, who is more aware and who is more powerful. No more judgement, please. All of you are in this together. This is not a competition. You are all here to share the light and to be the way showers for the seekers of the light, and the ones who need help along the way.  We must all come from a place of LOVE with everything that you do and everyone and everything that is placed in front of you. This is the only way that your planet and others will be healed. In order for you to stay heart focused, you need to be most appreciative of everyone around and that includes yourselves. If something is out of alignment for you, then send love and watch as things shift right in front of you. And even if you do not notice a shift instantaneously, a shift will occur.

My children, we must not get ourselves in a tizzy when things are not going as we like. Remember, that some things are out of our control and we must just let it be. Move forward and change your perspective and come from a place of love. Make this a daily practice, and you will witness a shift of everything to come. Love is the answer and Love heals all.

Blessings to all

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