Greetings my children, this is AA Raphael. I come forward today to discuss with you what is taking place currently on your planet. Your planet Mother Gaia urgently needs your support and your time. If at all possible, please incorporate seeing your Mother Gaia, healthy, whole and thriving into your prayer time and meditation work. Also, to send healing energy and loving intentions to her to help with the healing. Everything you do is so very important, as while doing and setting these intentions it manifests and puts everything into forward motion. Be mindful with your thoughts and your actions and the rest is easy.

Many are newly awakening now, it is of great importance for all of you to pay attention of what is actually taking place. Obstacles do appear and remember if we handle them with love and grace you will be able to move forward on your path. We are all here to support you if needed. Just call on us and we will be here to assist you in all that you do.

If something unpleasant appears to you, just ask yourself “What is the lesson here?” and in a meditative state while you are quiet, open yourself up and allow the message to reveal itself to you and that it the answer in which you are seeking. Please do not stress over any situation, that only holds you hostage to it and keeps it active in your thoughts. Make it a practice to release it and say, “I choose love” and be done with it. Do not allow it to fester inside, as that causes grief and sickness and will only slow you down. It is so very important to stay clear of all unnecessary lower energy. You must be open to receive, so you can continue to move forward on your mission here. We must all work together. No soul is better than another. Every soul has a different role and we must all support one another.  

Remember you are all here at this auspicious time for the betterment of the birthing of the New Earth.

Many blessings to all,

AA Raphael


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