Greetings everyone, AA Gabriel here.

I first want to share with you now that the energies for our New Earth is birthing and have now accelerated. You will now notice instant manifestation is now occurring. So, I want to stress to how important it is to keep your thoughts pure and of pure intention, so that you are not manifesting unwanted thoughts and desires to become present in your life. We cannot stress this enough, as every thought is manifested. And we would like to see healthy dreams and desires coming about for each and every one of you. There is much that is occurring now of which needs special attention.

Another concern that I would like to point out is, please be mindful of your energy. It is very important at this time to always keep your self spiritually protected, as the lower energies are now scurrying and looking for bright lights to attach themselves to. If you feel that you are sad for no apparent reason, there is a good chance that you have either a lower energy or someone else’s energy attached to your energy field. It would be a good idea to clear yourself and put up your spiritual protection. And what I mean by spiritual protection is putting your self inside a bubble of bright light every single day when you wake up. Make this a daily practice and that way, this will not occur.

Another daily practice is to ground yourself daily. We must ground ourselves to stay balanced and deeply rooted into our mother earth. I cannot stress enough how very important this is. This way, you will be able to make better decisions in your lives and not to be so scattered brain, as they say.

Dear ones, please take all of this information into consideration, as this is of great importance to help yourselves stay strong and clear during this time of great change.

Many blessings to you.
AA Gabriel

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