Greetings Dear ones,

I want to start off and mention, that I am so very pleased to come forward today and to speak to each one of you. You, my friends, are the ones to make a difference on our planet earth. So much has taken place at this time. The energies have gotten stronger and have shifted and have accelerated. More and more people are waking up to do the work they came here to do. The ones who are already wide awake have become more powerful. Many have transitioned, due to the fact of not accepting what is taking place now. You will begin to see more and more of that as well.

Try to put aside all of the dramas. This includes watching or listening to your media, TV, radio, internet. That is all an illusion. They are trying to distract you and lead you away from love. Try to nurture oneself more. Embrace what is and what should be. Some of you know exactly what it is, I am trying to say.

We must come from a place of love and actually feel that love in your heart. Then, while you are in that place, expand your heart lights and share that light with everyone you encounter. To share a part of oneself with others is so benevolent. And we the Universe, (your guides, guardians and teachers) will be standing close by to assist you with anything you need. Just know we are always ready to assist. Because of free will, you must call on us and ask for assistance.

Many blessings

Yeshua ~

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