Greetings my beloveds, We are the Pleiadians, and would like to share some very impertinent information with, all of you. We have been observing all of you for quite some time and want you to know that we are all very pleased with how nicely you are all are confidently stepping into your power and listening so attentively to your direction. We want you to know how important it is for you to stay on track with all that you that you receive. We also want you to know, we and all of the Universe notice all that you do, and you will be generously rewarded. You see, you are the way-showers, the path makers and the ones who are truly making a difference in the creating of what is coming for the future of our “New Earth”

Everything is falling into place so beautifully. There are some who are still awakening to their true purpose and mission here on the earth plane. What we say to you is to be patient with yourself and to seek out a mentor who best resonates with you. That way you will be able to open up and remember who you truly are and step fully into your power. There are many of us here that are assisting humanity to fully awaken and remember who you are, so you can move forward on your very important mission, that you all signed up for. These are very exciting times.

The energies on your planet are very strong now and have been accelerated to help all move forward. You will notice with each full moon and retrograde, the energies on your planet will be more intensified. This must take place in order for everything to fall into place. We encourage everyone to move through this with ease and grace. Please do not get so caught up into the drama of things as this is only a distraction and will slow you down, block you and prevent you from moving forward on your path to love and light. There are many here who specialize in assisting you and helping you to move forward with all of this. Do not be afraid to seek help if you feel you are stuck or blocked.  There are many of you who have specials roles. Each souls purpose and mission are different. Please do not compare yourselves to others as this is not a competition. Follow our guidance and nudges and be confident in who you are and who you came here to be. Nothing you do goes unnoticed.

We are here to assist everyone to make this a smooth transition.

Many blessings beloved ones,

The Pleiadians


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