Every moment, every experience, is part of a Divine plan…

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Divine Timing is the understanding that everything happens at its exact right time. “Timing is everything, and everything in Divine time.” Trying to work against the Divine timing of your life is like trying to swim upstream in a strong current. But when you understand and use universal timing to your advantage, the water will help you to flow forward in the right direction. Time then will become your ally. However, when facing some challenges it can be difficult sometimes to know what next steps are needed to help move you forward. Intuitive Healers are able guide you by tapping into and listening to the spirit that surrounds your life, helping you to heal and reconnect with your true path …and your Divine purpose.

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Certifications, Coursework, and Practices

Kim received her foundational training with Doreen Virtue, who was an internationally recognized author at the time. She holds two Certifications from that period as an Angel Card Reader and Realm Reader, and has also completed the Silva Method program. Additionally, Kim is a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner. Having evolved in her practice, Kim now serves as a clear, open channel for spirit, offering channeled readings that transcend the use of oracle cards.

In 2016, while in Sedona, AZ, Kim received a very special activation from the ancient ones in spirit who are the guardians of the land of Native American descent while in the medicine wheel. It was during that time, she received a very special activation to her heart, which catapulted her immediately to doing heart healings and activations. Since that time, Kim has evolved in her healing work, and is now facilitating full body health scans and working with highly evolved Masters of Light, while performing psychic surgery and many other healing modalities as listed under Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer.  

She is available for in-person or long-distance readings and healings via phone, internet or Zoom.


I was raised with Metaphysics & Spirituality and I’m a Metaphysical Minister (I’m 71 yrs old & have been around the block a couple of times). I find that Kim Cintio is the “real deal” and I highly recommend her!
Kim’s channelings of Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and many more high Cosmic Masters is phenomenal. Her readings and healing work are exceptional.
Thank you, Kim, for your hard work and your willingness to share this wonderful information and energy with the world.
Blessings to you, 

Rev Marge Raynolds

Speaking of the Activation/Initiation with Jesus and Mary:

I had this done and it was FREAKING AMAZING and weeks down the road it’s been life changing. I am still working through the immense grief of losing one of my Soul Mates Jackson, BUT so so much good has happened for me;
– setting healthy boundaries
– my mom’s cataract surgery went from being on a more than a year+ waiting list to done in 3 weeks which to me is a miracle
– I am hitting my strides in a new challenging job
– my psychic abilities and intuition have advanced tremendously and it all started with actually starting to SEE spirit just before our session.
This is INCREDIBLE- thank you, Kim Cintio!

Full body Healing:

Thank you SO MUCH Kim Cintio for the AH-MAZING HEALING this week!! I feel my power is more focused, my intuition crystal clear and my connection to spirit so much stronger.
From a very hard week of grief, sadness and head spins galore, I’m feeling better and stronger. Even all my blood test results came back glowing! Thank you for realigning my mind, body and spirit girl – I love you!
On top of the spirit lady I saw before our session on my drive home I had the most incredible experience. As I came off the parkway I had the sensation that my head on the left hand side completely opened and I saw the darkness of space and the cosmos flow in. It was only for a few seconds but it was incredible!! Thank you! Mel xoxox

Melissa Desmond

Not so long ago I was listening to Kim Cintio Speak about what it is that she does. She Gave me an open heart healing and  activation which was a very beautiful and loving experience. Often when I experience something this powerful I struggle to attach words. Beauty and love are as close as I can get to expressing the divine manifestation that happened in my heart that day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me. I’m truly blessed.

Love, Kevin Damphouse, Reiki Master/Teacher & DNA activation

Thank you so much Kim,  for the heart healing and activation.  I have had such positive results from it.   It has increased clarity, focus and senses.   I used “open heart” once so far and it worked immediately.  So thank you again. I continue to notice new things daily.

Lori Michael

I wanted to thank you, Kim, For sharing your rare gift with me. This could not have happened at a better time. Being under so much stress, I had created major blocks for myself, which I could see no way around. After receiving your attunement I was finally able to relax and accept the flow of things. Once I stopped struggling everything fell into place.

Wendy Cooper

About Kim Cintio

From a tender age, Kim was blessed with an extraordinary sense of intuition. She recalls with a warm smile, “In the quiet of the night, my childhood bedroom would come alive with the gentle presence of spirit people. It was a natural part of my world, and I assumed it was the same for everyone. But as I grew, I came to understand that my experiences were unique.”

With a heart full of compassion and a spirit in tune with the natural world, Kim lovingly honed these rare gifts. Her journey has been one of deep connection — not just with the whispering trees and the creatures that roam the wilds, but also with the energies that dance on the edge of perception. Kim’s life is a testament to her commitment to harness her intuitive talents to heal, uplift, and empower those around her.

Kim’s bond with the Universe is profound and heartfelt. She serves as a bridge to the unseen, fostering tender and powerful connections with loved ones who have passed into the spirit realm, as well as with guardian angels and spirit animals. Her presence is a beacon of light, guiding and inspiring, as she shares her extraordinary gifts with an open heart and a soulful passion. Join Kim on this journey, and feel embraced by the warmth of her guidance and the strength of her intuitive spirit.

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