I recently returned from “The Divine Feminine Spiritual Journey” tour in Southern France, led by Patricia Seaver McGivern, and while I was there, many miraculous events took place for me. I received many activations and initiations from Mary Magdalene and Yeshua and many other highly evolved light beings. While walking on the sacred land, I experienced golden light coming from the earth into my feet and through my entire body.  I feel completely transformed. I went through many shifts in my energy since the trip.

*I am now offering this Initiation and Activation that Mary Magdalene and Yeshua Ben Joseph aka Jesus facilitated 2000 years ago.

I act as a conduit and channel Mary and Yeshua through my heart, while they facilitate the healing. While, I am observing the activation, I will verbally share the information I am receiving directly to you.

These activations will enhance all of your psychic clairs and cleanse your pineal gland which will result in you having more clarity of self, assisting you in everyday life. It will also help you to RE-remember ancient wisdom and remove any blocks and past-life karma you may have to step fully into your power and life’s purposeYou will feel balanced, lighter and rediscover the empowered person you came here to be. 

The activation and energy travels through my heart chakra to make the connection with yours, so I will not be touching you physically in any way. These healings can be facilitated remotely or in person. Please personal message me on FaceBook or contact me from my website, if you are interested in receiving this Initiation and Activation.


The price for this healing is $111.00.

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