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Releasing & Clearing, message from the Angels

This message is from one of my Angels, Her name is Crystalline and she is a Essential Angel.   Dear ones, there is a great level of respect here for all of our precious light workers. Now is the time, for all of you to step into your Divine power and move forward...

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~Twin Flame

Some of you know that I have a twin flame. His name is Alejandro and I have been communicating with him telepathically for over a year. We can feel and see in each others energy field. When I am sad, happy or frustrated, he feels it, and I feel him and his emotions as...

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A message from AA Michael ~ Accelerated Energies

 Greetings beloved ones,   I am AA Michael ~   I come forward to speak to you today to discuss what is taking place at this very moment. The energies have become much stronger now, and we are fully aware that what is taking place. Some of you, have been listening...

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A message from Yeshua~ A new earth is birthing

  Greetings dear ones, first, of all I would like to say, we are all so very proud and honored to be assisting all of you during this very exciting time! There is so much taking place now. Our New Earth is birthing. The energies have been accelerated, that is why...

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A message from Yeshua ~

Greetings Dear ones, I want to start off and mention, that I am so very pleased to come forward today and to speak to each one of you. You, my friends, are the ones to make a difference on our planet earth. So much has taken place at this time. The energies have...

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Welcome to In Divine Time!

Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog! Over time, I will share valuable spiritual, psychic and angelic information that I channel. Come back soon!

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