Every moment, every experience, is part of a Divine plan…

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Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer & More | St. Petersburg

Divine Timing is the understanding that everything happens at its exact right time. “Timing is everything, and everything in Divine time.” Trying to work against the Divine timing of your life is like trying to swim upstream in a strong current. But when you understand and use universal timing to your advantage, the water will help you to flow forward in the right direction. Time then will become your ally. However, when facing some challenges it can be difficult sometimes to know what next steps are needed to help move you forward. Intuitive Healers are able guide you by tapping into and listening to the spirit that surrounds your life, helping you to heal and reconnect with your true path …and your Divine purpose.

Certifications, Coursework, and Practices

Kim studied under Doreen Virtue, an internationally renowned author, and has two Certifications as an Angel Card Reader and Realm Reader, is a Silva Graduate, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and a Reiki Practitioner.  As a gifted Spiritual Artist, Kim is also able to intuitively sketch your Guides, Angels and others who have crossed over. She is available for in-person or long-distance readings and healings via phone, internet or Skype.


Kim is amazing! She works with a lot of heart at her technique (craft), wishing to bring positive and healing results to everyone she meets. She goes the extra mile to ensure that her client is receiving the best experience she can give. Her sessions always leave me with positive and peaceful feelings. I get something surprisingly different with every session I do with her. Mary, Florida

I have been diagnosed with kidney stones, gall bladder stones and parathyroid problems that have not been taken care by my doctor as of yet. I had been very dizzy for days prior to the first healing session but afterwards, it was completely gone! Kim has given me three healing sessions and with each I feel much better! I have actually felt the kidney stones move while having a treatment. Tina

My daughter surprised me with the gift of an “In Divine Time” private reading, and what a reading I experienced. I am still struggling to put into words, Kim, how you touched me with such honesty, relevance and clarity about some very private life experiences. You have found a wonderful way to share your gift, so thank you again for the experience of “YOU”. Janel Seavers

About Kim Cintio

Kim experienced special gifts of intuition as a child.  Kim shares, “While sleeping in my room at night, I would see spirit people walking around my room. I thought everyone could see and hear spirits as a child.  As I got older, I realized I was very different.” Kim nurtured those gifts, along with her love and devotion to Mother Nature and the animals which inhabit the earth. In doing so, she has created a life dedicated to using her talents and intuition to nurture and inspire you. Kim is deeply connected to the Universe and has strong and loving connections with another’s loved ones who have crossed over – and with spirit guides, angels and spirit animals.

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